Speech in communication through talking or a talk given to an audience, conveying a topic, an idea, arguments, and / or feelings and video recorded.
Memorization Reading Imprompto Extemporanous
Speech preparation
Pick your massage Know your audience Research your subject Use stories, humor and metaphors Make a draft of your speech Prepape props if needed


Speech text... Indonesia Nation Indenpendent, Advanced , Strong , Sovereign and the World's Maritime Axis Assalamualaikum wr.wb Goog morning, everybody First of all, introduce my name hani alfiyani, a student of chemistry, faculty mathematics and natural sciences, tanjungpura university.I want to make a speech about " indonesia nation indenpendent, advanced , strong , sovereign The world's maritime axis". Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. So that the coastal areas and oceans of Indonesia is known as a country with abundant marine resources and the largest marine biodiversity in the world. Not only that, the location of Indonesia which is in a favorable geographical area, between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean is touted as an important path for world trade traffic. The three sea lanes of the Indonesian archipelago are also a factor in support of success maritime indonesia. Ladies and gentleman The culture maritime is the concept of maritime orm…

my Activity...

Hallo guys...
This time I want to tell you about the activities I have done over the last few days. But i will focus on my activities on a date 14 may 2017 yesterday. The activity that I did was to travel to one of the cities in west kalimantan, namely singkawang city. Singkawang city is called also the city of amoy. My journey begins with a 6:00 am departure by car. I went along with two other group that uses the bus. The first bus contains mothers majelis taklim and the second bus contains santri-santri madrasah diniyah. Our goal to travel to singkawang city is not just a walk. But we also make a pilgrimage visit to the grave of our teacher and share the love with the orphanage children A.yani singkawang city. Around 10:00 our entourage arrived to the destination city, the An hour later, we get to the grave of our teachers. The tomb is located in one of the existing boarding school in singkawang city. There we did a prayer, prayed for forgiveness for our teachers. The r…

My future business

Hallo guys...

You know entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is a person who has the ability to see and considered a chance business collect the source of the resources needed in order to take advantage thereof and take action is right, in order to make sure success. I once dreamed I want to be a entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs i would like to develop is a cafe. Entrepreneurship is indeed not foreign anymore, has been developed by many other entrepreneurs. But I dreamed of using a new and unheard of concept. The concept that I dream is a cafe that is only intended for women only. So there is not one adam who must enter the cafe, except in an emergency. My goal is to make this concept a woman comfortable, not covered by smoke, and so on.
The cafe concept that I made, using several floor buildings, 2 or 3 floors. The entrance is made of clear, opaque glass.Giving a clear glass opaque aimed at the adam can not see the women who are in the cafe. The cafe also wants me to be equipped with sauna, sp…

Discussion of the Robot Competition.

I will share a short video I created on YouTube for a discussion of the robot competition. You can see it at Thank you for your attention and do not forget to click subscribe and like this video.

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How to Make Astor Flannel

Hallo guys...
This time, I will share the how to make astor flannel.
First, prepared the equipment and materials.
(the flannel, the yarn, pin, and scissors )
And than, the roll the flannel.
finally, wrap the yarn on a roll of flannel. Finished

Watch to video

How ? it's easy, right ? Good Luck 😊

Bujang Pontianak City, 2016

Hi guys...           I recently was able to interview a young smart and handsome. Who is he... He is a bujang pontianak city. Bujang is a tourism ambassador of pontianak city representing ethnic malay. Bujang ofpontianak city served as the extension the government to help the government in promoting tourism andpreserve culture pontianak city. The selection bujang dare pontianak city into the annual the government in commemorating the day sopontianak city. On this occasion i successfully interviewed bujangpontianak, 2016. Adirama chisna putra familiar commonly called adi,was born in pontianak city, march 25, 1994. He was a finalist bujang dare pontianak city 2016. Adi is a final year of student at the university tanjongpura faculty of economics and business, department of accounting the is preparing a final project. He is not only a bujang pontianak city, but he also became an ambassador of the environment in the of pontianak city. "the ups and downs became the bujang of ptk cityang…