My Skills

          Hi guys this time i going to tell me about my skill. I am the not so understand the arts and i do not come from families who understand the art. However, I have skill in the art. The art that i’m smart is  not the art of dance, music, literature or theater but the fine art. Of all kinds of art, has been i’m try everything. Such as dance and theater, this art just as I did to fill an annual event organized by the student union at my college. The event is a national event that is attended by participants qualify scientific writing competition of all universities in Indonesia. Standing featuring an art in front of great people to be a pride and memories that are unforgettable. While the art music, the art that almost never flashed by in everyday life, even just listen or participate recite the lyric of the song.

          Even so, art remains be my skills. Fine art is the creation of quality, the results of expressions, or of natural beauty or everything that is exceeds its authenticity and classification of objects-subject to certain criteria being created into a structure that can be enjoyed using senses, eyes and the senses of touch. The have been many art that had i’m made. For example: Shack of old newspapers, bags, key chains, cover toples and much more. My skills in make crafts is a pleasure. My hope is not only smart or master, but can also be useful and marketable high in the future. A few of my short stories, wait for me in the next story.  


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