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Hallo guys...

You know entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a person who has the ability to see and considered a chance business collect the source of the resources needed in order to take advantage thereof and take action is right, in order to make sure success. I once dreamed I want to be a entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs i would like to develop is a cafe. Entrepreneurship is indeed not foreign anymore, has been developed by many other entrepreneurs. But I dreamed of using a new and unheard of concept. The concept that I dream is a cafe that is only intended for women only. So there is not one adam who must enter the cafe, except in an emergency. My goal is to make this concept a woman comfortable, not covered by smoke, and so on.

The cafe concept that I made, using several floor buildings, 2 or 3 floors. The entrance is made of clear, opaque glass. Giving a clear glass opaque aimed at the adam can not see the women who are in the cafe. The cafe also wants me to be equipped with sauna, spa and beauty salon.


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