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          Hi guys, my name is Hani Alfiyani, i was born in Pontianak, on july 14th 1998. I was the second of two children. my hobby is away road. so every time I take a minute to walk around with my friends around the city of Pontianak, where the city passed the Equator. speaking of Equator, in yhe city there is a monument to the Equator Pontianak located on the jalan Khatulistiwa. the monument was standing right at the point of zero degrees. and these line we as the left foot to the left line and the right foot to the right lines. okay, forget about my hobby, now we go with my ideals.

          Now I'm continuing education to public universities in the city of my birth, in the city of Pontianak. High College was named University Tanjungpura. Where I majored in Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Talking about majors Also means talking about ideals. Before me about college. I'll tell you a little about my ideals. Okay guys, I have ideals are very high, and probably almost everyone also has ideals as me. My goal is one of the professions in which the work was weaning white coats and their duties to serve the people who are ill in a hospital. You must know about the profession.Yups, Exactly, my dream of becoming a doctor. Surely you wonder what the relationship majors I took in college with my ideals. All right i'll tell the relationship between the two. Well in fact the there is No. relationship between the two. It's just that I can not choose or continue their educationin accordance with my it happened because the reason, since reasonis exactly what makes me have to choose and continuing education to chemistry majors. The reason why I did not choose a medical school, it was only me who knows, but it's why I choose chemistry as a step in my future, Because ai think it's not must different Chemical.

          Why do I say not much different? Well because the chemical is also wearing a white coat. But not when doing service to society  but while doing research. The chemical also can work in a hospital, but not as a doctor but as laboratory personnel. And I think chemistry is the mother of all sciences, the science of chemistry was demoted, and the chemistry was all can be defined. As with love, love is something beautiful, which is processed in the brain, into a new to heart, that thing called love a chemical process. Phenyletthylamine elements make love only 4 years old. Love does not necessarily come from the eyes down to the heart, became the center of the brain that control the process of love. Love is a chemical process is not simply the emotion of ove comes through the eyes, nose, skin or ear.  Signals are sensory organs that then stimulates the brain to produce a number of chemical compounds which then spread throughout the body. It is no wonder and strange that people who fall in love like his own smile, blush, red face, hands sweating or breathing irregularly. All is the chemical reaction of love. Experts say there are three stages of the chemical process of love ... Http:// Well, because of this that I could fall in love with chemistry. So my first story, waiting for the next story


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