I can’t imagine life without chemistry

          Chemistry is a branch of the physical learn about the word, the nature and material changes structure, changes material. Chemistry is often referred to as "knowledge centers", because connecting various other sciences, such as physics, materials science, nanotechnology, biology, pharmacy, medicine, bioinformatics, and geology. So it can be said that the chemicals very instrumental impotant in life. I can’t imagine if Jabir Ibnu Hayyan and other scientists did not find the chemistry. Why...? Because the science of chemistry , the drug can be made, energy can be renewed,  and much more that can be in gain from chemistry.  In the everyday,  we often use chemicals such as salt, flavorings and others to cook. It is inconceivable if the salt is not found then every food that we cook will taste bland. So is life, will taste bland if the chemistry is not found. Hehe... Therefore we should be grateful to scientists have found the science of chemicals. And thank  God has created this universe with a lot of the content of chemicals.
         So it can be concluded that, I can’t live without chemistry. Because every anything i did, will stay in touch with chemicals. Equally it seems like breathing. we breathing breathe O2 and pilled out CO2. Oxygen us breathe and carbon dioxide we get is one example of chemicals.


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