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This time I want to tell you about the activities I have done over the last few days. But i will focus on my activities on a date 14 may 2017 yesterday. The activity that I did was to travel to one of the cities in west kalimantan, namely singkawang city. Singkawang city is called also the city of amoy.
My journey begins with a 6:00 am departure by car. I went along with two other group that uses the bus. The first bus contains mothers majelis taklim and the second bus contains santri-santri madrasah diniyah. Our goal to travel to singkawang city is not just a walk. But we also make a pilgrimage visit to the grave of our teacher and share the love with the orphanage children A.yani singkawang city.
Around 10:00 our entourage arrived to the destination city, the An hour later, we get to the grave of our teachers. The tomb is located in one of the existing boarding school in singkawang city. There we did a prayer, prayed for forgiveness for our teachers. The reading of the prayer was led by the head of the boarding school. And our visit came to an end when the Azaan prayer reverberated. We also said goodbye to the leaders and administrators of the boarding school to continue our journey.
            Our journey continues to the orphanage A.yani, the orphanage is not far from the boarding school, only about 10 minutes of travel time. As we arrived at the orphanage, our prayers Dhuhr. Afterwards submit at least our luggage that has been prepared before our departure.

            Next, we headed home, but not directly home, stop over to one of the tourist rides in the city of singkawang, the mimi land. Exactly at 02.00 our robongan got to the destination. When we got to mimi land, we did lunch together. After that do some games followed by santri madrasah diniyah. And the time was 4:30 pm, we immediately left the sights so as not to get too late to get home.


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