Bujang Pontianak City, 2016

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          I recently was able to interview a young smart and handsome. Who is he... He is a bujang pontianak city. Bujang is a tourism ambassador of pontianak city representing ethnic malay. Bujang of  pontianak city served as the extension the government to help the government in promoting tourism and  preserve culture pontianak city. The selection bujang dare pontianak city into the annual the government in commemorating the day so  pontianak city. On this occasion i successfully interviewed bujang  pontianak, 2016.
Adirama chisna putra familiar commonly called adi,  was born in pontianak city, march 25, 1994. He was a finalist bujang dare pontianak city 2016. Adi is a final year of student at the university tanjongpura faculty of economics and business, department of accounting the is preparing a final project. He is not only a bujang pontianak city, but he also became an ambassador of the environment in the of pontianak city. "the ups and downs became the bujang of ptk cityang, joy can be known people, meet new people, new relationships, new experiences, while grief my final project was slightly delayed" he said when met.” This time the city of pontianak are campaigning #sayepontianak in social media. So it is expected to younger generations pontianak when the take a picture around the city of pontianak and update it to their social media accounts to give #sayepontianak in the column caption. Indirectly they have been promoting the of pontianak city through their social media accounts. #sayepontianak itself has meaning. "s" which means love and know the city of pontianak. "a" means active in promoting the city of pontianak. "y" means sure pontianak can became city that can greet the world. And "e" means educating everyone about pontianak "he said about the ongoing program.

He also said that "dare bujang Pontianak also held Budare Goes To School, in which bujang dare to visit schools to give workshops to young generation to promote city tourism awareness and PTK through social media at their disposal". "I also hope that the city of Pontianak can became a superior tourist destinations in Indonesia and the International, both in the field of tourism and culture so Pontianak can became city that greets the world".
Well, according to an interview about the bujang of pontianak city. So it is expected to friends all to update the photo located around the city of Pontianak to give #sayepontianak the column caption. If not us, who introduced him, who else. So, wait for my next story.


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